Appointing a tax representative 

Residents and non-residents with property, a bank account or other ties in Spain are liable to pay several taxes to the Spanish Tax Authorities (Hacienda).

Appointing a tax representative in Spain ensures your affairs are taken care of. Sometimes referred to as fiscal representatives, they act as your link to the tax office and will keep you updated on any changes in the law that may affect you. 

Paying taxes in Spain can be complex, especially if Spanish is not your first language. There are various obligations you must be aware of and failure to meet crucial deadlines could result in hefty fines. 

Gibro Abogados can act as your Tax Representative and will be your link to the Spanish Tax Office. We submit all your tax returns on your behalf and update you on your liabilities clearly and in English.

Peace of mind 

As well as the peace of mind that comes with having a tax representative in Spain, we can assess your current position and advise you on operating as efficiently as possible whilst fully complying with the Spanish tax system.

In summary, the benefits of appointing Gibro Abogados as your tax representative:

  • Handle all tax reporting on your behalf
  • Communicates clearly and in English
  • Ensures you operate efficiently and comply with regulations
  • Meet reporting deadlines and avoid fines

You can appoint Gibro Abogados for a competitive annual fee which includes a free initial consultation, annual reporting of tax returns and direct liaison with the Spanish Tax Authorities throughout the year. 



As international tax experts, and with the benefit of a base in Spain, our knowledgeable finance professionals offer guidance on all aspects of personal or corporate taxation.

For personal clients, we provide expert guidance on taxation as residents and non-residents based on your unique, highly personal circumstances.

We are highly experienced in cross-border and national transactions and provide advice on foreign off-shore investments and investments into and within Spain.

Keep ahead and informed of your fiscal obligations by appointing Gibro Abogados as your Tax Representative.

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